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Rest In Peace, Davey Jones aka David Bowie aka Ziggy Stardust aka aka aka

I true legend and inimitable artist has left his physical body...but his music remains with us forever.  Tonight at Tupelo we will do our best to honor one of our musical heroes, David Bowie.  We're going to play all the David Bowie songs that the band knows. 

Couple's Choice 2016

A well-deserved award we're proud to showcase for our hard work and good music provided to many a wedding in 2015!

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Mark Your Calendars!

Hey hey!  If you want to see us live, but can't make it out to North Beach anytime soon you can check out our webcast on Thursday, Dec. 3rd.  Hosted by Expression College in Emeryville, and broadcast live online:
Also, we have 30 spots available for anyone that wants to come watch in person -- just email us via the contact page and we can put you on the list.  The show will run from about 7pm-8pm.

Find us at Tupelo!

Hey hey!  Thinking of booking Hot Einstein for your wedding or party?  We're still showcasing ourselves at Tupelo twice a month.  Catch the 4-piece version of the band on the 2nd Thursday of the month, or the 5-piece version on the 4th Friday.  We may be a bit more casually dressed and a bit more punchy with the audience in this locale -- we're just trying to fit in, that's all!

Thanks Tupelo faithful!

Wow!  We had a great time rockin' out at Tupelo Friday.  Sorry for those of you that had to wait in line outside to get in!!  We honestly didn't realize we're that popular.  Well...maybe we're not.  But it was a good night to say the least....we haven't packed them in there like that quite before.  Big G was holding down the door and a line of people actually accumulated outside!  We feel very lucky to be able to share our music with you all.

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