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Happy New Year!

Hey hey hey!  Don't worry...we haven't gone anywhere.  We're still here, rockin' your socks off, we just aren't the social media mavens we set out to be.  Thanks to all the Tupelo regulars coming out to our show in North Beach last night, 'twas a blast as usual.  We'll see you there in a couple weeks.

This Friday at Bimbo's!

We're excited for this event....should be a crazy good and spooky time with 14-piece Michael Jackson Tribute "Foreverland" putting on a special Thriller costume ball! CLICK HERE for the event page on Facebook

See you there!??!??!

If you haven't seen us for a while....

We've been adding lots of new songs to the repertoire: Queen, Bowie, Blondie, The Clash, Talking Heads and much more. And we'd like to thank our fans for acknowledging that a band can play others people's songs without being a "cover band".  Something strange about this day and age.....if you play other people's songs, you often get lumped into a "cheesy cover band"  category.  You wasn't too long ago that great bands regularly played music by their musical heroes.  That's how you learned to create your own great music.  Nothin' wrong with that!  That's enough of a rant for today, we hope to see you tomorrow at Tupelo.


We'll be back at Linden Street for the first Pig Roast of the year on Sunday, May 18th:

We're now at Tupelo twice a month

Hey there friends,

Beginning in March we'll be hosting 2 nights a month at Tupelo:  2nd Thursdays for the mellow side, 4th Fridays for the wild side.  Come on out!  It's always a fun time.

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