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Spotify page!

Well, after 5 years of thinking we were stuck without a unique artist page on Spotify, we now have our own landing page!


We get $.006 per play!  (That's more than half a cent!)

We were lumped together with a solo electronic remix artist by the same name.  Anyhow -- that H.E. is probably stoked too.


This week at the Oakland City Center

We're out at Oakland City Center this Wednesday -- noon concerts! Come through - it's FREE

Battle of the Wedding Bands?

Anyone?  Someone please! Please host a Battle of the Wedding Bands.  Invite us.  That is all. Good Day to you.

We're playing the Bowling Alley

After numerous attempts in the past, we are finally booked to play the bowling alley with no threat of a basketball game to have our gig cancelled.  Nonetheless...Go Warriors and all...but we'd like to keep our gigs!  See you at Plank. Play some bocce, eat some pizza...listen tous rock out and get ready for Dubs playoffs, which we're told starts the following evening...whew.

Still rockin Tupelo! even if we don't update our calendar page as often as we should....we're still at Tupelo in North Beach on the 2nd Thursday and 4th Friday of the month. Free show, 9:30pm-1am.  So, yeah....if you don't see it listed there, doesn't mean we're not playing.  Feel free to peg us as flakey musicians for these omissions.  Actually, we've been playing around a lot lately...which is probably why we're behind on administrative stuff.  Look for us at the Lake Chalet and Park Chalet this summer as well.

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